Closed Today

Mainly a ‘Food to Go’ offering for those with busy work lives, our Dublin 2 location also has a small stylish seating area to the rear of the café for those who wish to linger. On future sunny days we plan to offer some seating to the front.


Honey Truffle Supports IRISH CRAFTMANSHIP
  • You will find on our walls reclaimed floorboard Picture Frames from Rocker Lane Workshop (available from The Irish Design Shop)
  • Oak furniture from James Carroll, a wonderful Wood worker based in Co.Wicklow
  • Wooden Plates from Tony Farrell in Co.Cork (also available from Makers and Brothers Website)
  • Nicolas Mosse platters (available in Avoca, among many other stores)
  • Leather Work and Signage from Garvan De incredibily talented Irish Leather and Wood Craftsman...check out his website or visit his showroom in Co.Kildare (not far from Kildare Village)
  • Pottery from Geoffrey Healy in Co.Wicklow..stop by his workshop in Kilmacanogue
  • Wooden Boards made right here in Dublin (Sandymount), available also from The Irish Design Shop in Drury Street.
  • Two Wooden Horses, Creative Wooden boards, Greystones, Co.Wicklow
  • Lambstongue, Ironwork, Dublin
  • HoranRainsford Architects, Blackrock, Co.Dublin