Honey Truffle has made a sincere commitment to being kind to the environment.

While zero waste on food has been a huge focus and achievement since opening, Honey Truffle will adapt to sustainability guidelines as the world becomes more informed on these issues.

Preparing salad bowl
Fresh squashes
Fresh squashes
Fresh squashes

Honey Truffle is a member of REPAK, which works to ensure that all recycled materials are disposed of in a responsible manner.

Organic waste goes to an anaerobic digestion facility that biologically breaks down organic material to generate quantities of bio-gas. This is a non-polluting gas which can be used as fuel. Even our tea bags (TeaPigs) are entirely compostable.

Preparing salad bowl
Fresh squashes
Fresh squashes

Honey Truffle has partnered with McBreen Environmental who have devised a process where the grease waste (in every kitchen with on-site cooking) is converted to compost through a complicated drying process.

Any general waste created by Honey Truffle is channelled by our waste disposable partner to Covanta, where it is converted to electricity (Dublin Waste to Energy).


Healthy sandwich and soup.

Since opening, we have taken a very measured approach to every aspect of sustainability that we can.

Honey Truffle has now moved to almost entirely compostable containers for our ‘To Go’ food. And we recycle.

However, we do encourage all customers to seek out compostable bins to dispose of these items in the most sustainable manner possible. Of course, Honey Truffle will always dispose of responsibly onsite.

Discounts & Rewards

Honey Truffle has always offered a discount on ‘Keep Cups’ when presented by customers (we encourage this!). If customers choose to bring their own, clean, correct size food containers for their salads...a discount also applies.

Sizes: 1300ml large salad, 600ml medium salad box.

Biscuit and Honey Truffle keep cup
Serving customers at Honey Truffle

Honey Truffle has a commitment to ‘move with the times’ on the important global issue of sustainability.

We understand guidelines will change over the next few years as the EU and Irish government (and all of us) learn more about these issues.

We believe in being informed and contributing to a great future.

Honey Truffle supports

Irish craftmanship

whenever possible

Around the walls – Frames from Rocker Lane Workshop (Irish Design Shop), our Chunky Bog Oak Stools and Benches – James Carroll, Cushion weaves - Stable of Ireland, Donegal Design (amongst others) Wooden plates - Tony Farrell, Rosie’s Pottery, Easkey Co. Sligo - Jugs, Irish Pottery Bowls – Geoffrey Healy, Chopping Boards – Two wooden Horses, Leatherwork – Garvan de Bruir, Lambstongue - Ironwork, Seating at Rear and IRISH Beech Table – Bear Creation, Wicklow.

These are all talented dedicated craftspeople, doing what they love, contributing positively to a sustainable world. They have earned our full respect.

Milk jug
Cushions on chair